Write a Grant

Writing Ideas

Interested in writing a grant based on your community’s data? Please use our summary data feature to pull your data for your proposal! We are happy to help with your application and have created the following for your convenience:

  • Here is some boilerplate text about our program and data collection procedures that can help you with your application.
  • We’re happy to write a letter of support for your application, just let us know about your project! lgh@ohsu.edu
  • Or if you have questions, we’re happy to help. lgh@ohsu.edu

Or perhaps you want to write a grant that would bring Let’s Get Healthy! to your school or community? We want to make it easy on you!

  • First, contact us about your interest (lgh@ohsu.edu). We want to help with your application and can guide you on timeline, budget and project considerations. We ask that organizations contact us prior to submitting a grant with us included.
  • Once we’re on the same page, please feel free to use our boilerplate text in your application (download here). We can also provide you with a letter of support for your project.

Starting the Process

Use the data from your community to write a grant that improves local health! We want to help with your efforts and have compiled common language (boilerplate text) that you can use to write a grant of your very own. We’re also happy to write a letter of support for your application!

Example grant ideas:

  • community programs (nutrition, physical activity)
  • community food gardens
  • education activities

Or, if you’d like to work together on a grant application that would bring Let’s Get Healthy! to your community as part of a future project, let us know! Some examples include:

  • Community health surveillance – measuring change in health markers over a period of time
  • Community needs assessments – what are the most prevalent health issues in your community
  • Program effectiveness – we can visit your community before and after you implement a new program to determine if the program changed outcome health markers (e.g. nutrition, body composition, cholesterol/glucose, sleep)
  • Longitudinal tracking – we can work with you to develop a cohort that will enroll participants in a study to follow their individual progress over time

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