Using the Data

The anonymous data collected at Let’s Get Healthy! events can be used for:

  • grants
  • community health reports
  • newsletter and newspaper articles
  • policy decisions
  • needs assessments
  • fun

Go to the Explore the Data page to view and work with our data!

You pick the geographic range, gender and age and the filtered data will automatically populate the website with the averages and numbers who meet recommendations for the collected health factors.

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How are we using the data?

  • We collect anonymous health and wellness data from participants.
  • We return age-appropriate, personalized, and multi-lingual feedback on the spot!
  • We return summary data to event organizers (schools, organizations, communities, workplaces) for their analysis and use.

Our open-source database is populated with anonymous health-related data from each Let’s Get Healthy! event. The data are available to researchers, communities, schools and students who use the data for school projects, community and workplace wellness policy decisions and scientific research. Requests are managed by our program staff and advisory board and provided in Excel or statistical formats (SPSS or SAS).

High School Students Graduate Students Researchers
High school students Catherine Miolla and Gretchen Jernstedt present the first Intel International Science & Engineering Fair project using Let’s Get Healthy! data in Spring 2011.  They analyzed the data as part of their Advanced Placement statistics class OHSU graduate students in Human Nutrition; Amanda Sullivan, Jessie Nindel-Edwards, and Molly Jennings,  present their work on the relationship between body composition and intake of fruits and vegetables at the Dietetics Conference in Spring 2011. OHSU’s Dr. Jon Purnell is one of many scientists using Let’s Get Healthy! data and biological specimens for research. He is determining how genetics affect body weight regulation.  His results will help predict how an individual will respond to dieting and weight loss surgery.
Schools and Districts Communities Workplaces
We provide school and district-wide assessments of student health.  Because participation is anonymous, student names are never collected.  We can reach 1700 students in three days (~600 per day).  Data can be returned the day after the event.  School-wide health assessments have never been so easy! Many communities are interested in writing grants to improve local health.  We work with communities to generate the pilot data needed for these grants and for use toward informing evidence-based decisions Does your workplace need employee health and wellness data to lower insurance plan rates? Our program can assess workers on-site and rapidly provide summary data to organizations or businesses.  We also offer family-based events so everyone connected to staff can rally around health and healthy choices.

What’s in the database?

Our database is extensive and constantly growing! It has about 4 MILLION cells of data comprising more than 350 data columns from over 11,000 participants. To keep track of all the data, we use a relational database which stores different aspects of the data and a data dictionary to tell us what everything means! See About the Research to see all the data that we collect.

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