What is it?

dnaDNA provides the instruction manual for our bodies to function.  This station allows cheek cells to be donated for future research.  This is our only station where the participant doesn’t find out the results.  More information is coming soon — this page is still under construction!


How is it measured?

This station has participants swish for 30 seconds with Scope mouthwash (10 milliliters or roughly 2 teaspoons). This swishing pulls cheek cells that can be collected and frozen for future use. Please see our research page to see how we’re using these samples!  This station does not provide any feedback and is for future research only.

This station is available for the following audience and takes approximately:

  • Adults (English, Spanish) – 2 minutes
  • Kids over 10 (English, Spanish) – 2 minutes. Must have guardian present. This station is not available for school events.

How we determined the categories?

This page is under construction.

Where to get more information…

This page is under construction.

Research Bibliography

This page is under construction.

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