Entry Demographics

What is it?

The entry station is the first station that the public sees when they visit our exhibit.  This station allows individuals to enroll in our study and enter their demographics.  The demographics that we collect are age, gender, race and ethnicity.

How is it measured?

Attendees who visit the Let’s Get Healthy! exhibit receive an information sheet (see examples for adult or under 18) and, if they’d like to participate, they’ll receive a barcoded wristband.  This wristband is printed with a random number, which is scanned at each station that the participant visits.  The barcode number serves three purposes:  1)  it keeps the participant anonymous (no names are used), 2) it allows all data to be linked from the various stations that the participant visits, and 3) it allows the survey questions, recommendations, and feedback to be tailored based on the personal demographics that the participant enters into the computer.

This station is available for the following audience and takes approximately:

  • Adults (English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean) – 1-4 minutes, reading time included
  • Kids (English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean) – 1-4 minutes, reading time included

How we determined the categories?

Where to get more information…

Please see our paper listed below to get more information on how we do all of this!  Or, check out our video from our very first school fair in 2010 that shows us in action!

Research Bibliography

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