Our Approach

We use a whole grains approach to researching health and nutrition:


Data & biorepository = THE GERM

Germ: the small nutrient-rich core is the cell’s embryo that contains antioxidants, vitamins and healthy fats. If fertilized, it will develop into a new plant and continue to produce. Our data and biological specimens provide the foundation for research studies, informing policy change, community health improvements and student education.

Infrastructure = THE ENDOSPERM

The middle layer of grain – the endosperm – is the work-horse of the cell. Its food supply contains all the carbohydrates and proteins needed for the plant to grow. Our staff runs the program, creates new content, organizes events, manages resulting data; all toward the goal of providing an enjoyable, informative experience to participants.

Events = THE BRAN

Bran is the fiber-rich outer layer of the seed that contains vitamins, fiber and minerals. Like bran, there’s much more to us on the inside! People are introduced to Let’s Get Healthy! by attending one of our events. These interactive educational and research events are the culmination of heavy behind-the-scenes work.

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