About The Research

Let’s Get Healthy! is a popular interactive education and research exhibit available for use at school, community and workplace health fairs. Attendees are invited to enroll as research participants where they learn about the research process and the quality of their own health. We provide health assessments of diet, sleep, body composition, cancer risk, memory and cardiovascular function.

Participants can contribute their anonymous health information to a population database that researchers can use to study the scientific relationships among diet, body composition, genetics, and chronic disease. Communities are invited to use the data to develop programs and write grants that support healthy living in the community. Schools can use the data to conduct scientific inquiry lessons with their students, allowing students to examine information like their own energy drink consumption using authentic, but completely anonymous, data.

We Value:

  • Public participation in scientific research and inquiry
  • Health promotion through education, balanced nutrition and chronic disease prevention
  • Collaboration with varied groups to facilitate our mission

All of our procedures and assessments are approved by OHSU Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol #3694. Our data and biospecimens are overseen by OHSU IRB #7068.

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