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Your Baby’s Genome, Epigenome and More

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Estimated Lesson Duration: 2-3 class periods Overview: Students learn how genes are passed down from parents to child; how genes determine traits, and how environmental factors affect the expression of the genome.  This lesson begins with the Desert Vista High School Genotype to Phenotype Simulation Booklet and once the students have selected their baby’s genome they will add a layer of epigenetics onto their baby’s DNA and draw the resulting adult. Background: The epigenome is a layer of markers that are placed on, or taken off of, your DNA when you’re exposed to certain environmental factors. Your DNA is set…

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Healthy Habits- Pre-activity for Let’s Get Healthy! fair

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Estimated Lesson Duration: 20-40 min   Overview: This pre-fair activity helps students orient to what to expect at the fair.  The lesson consists of a power point showing the students what to expect at the Let’s Get Healthy! fair, notes embedded in the powerpoint to give the teacher some background on the various stations, a worksheet for the students to fill out during the power point, and worksheet for them to summarize what they learned at the Let’s Get Healthy! fair.   Key Concepts and Standards:  Key Concepts: To prepare students for the Let’s Get Healthy! fair so they can gain…

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