Estimated Lesson Duration:

20-40 min



This pre-fair activity helps students orient to what to expect at the fair.  The lesson consists of a power point showing the students what to expect at the Let’s Get Healthy! fair, notes embedded in the powerpoint to give the teacher some background on the various stations, a worksheet for the students to fill out during the power point, and worksheet for them to summarize what they learned at the Let’s Get Healthy! fair.


Key Concepts and Standards:

 Key Concepts: To prepare students for the Let’s Get Healthy! fair so they can gain the maximum benefit from their participation in the fair.

Standards: N/A


Preparations/ Materials

• Pre-lesson power point

• Print pre-lesson student worksheets #1 and #2


Downloadable Lesson and Supporting Materials

Lesson Plans

  • Pre-fair lesson(.doc)
  • Powerpoint presentation to show students (.ppt)