Estimated Lesson Duration:

3 days



Small groups briefly research a health problem to understand causes, measurement and risk. Each group then analyzes related data from the Let’s Get Healthy! fair and identifies areas to be flagged for risk. Groups list variables that will affect health outcomes and present their findings.


Key Concepts and Standards:

Key Concepts: Cause, measurement, risk, analyze, research, presentation

Standards: Download the briefing sheet about how this lesson meets standards (.docx)

The standards listed were identified using key concepts from each individual lesson. These key concepts were aligned with the specific Oregon State Standards, Common Core Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards that apply specifically to each individual lesson.

Teachers may consult the Oregon Department of Education’s website for additional terms related to each lesson.


Preparations/ Materials

• Health textbook and/or content-specific articles from

• Posterboard or computer access

Let’s Get Healthy! data (optional)


Downloadable Lesson and Supporting Materials

Data for Action lesson (in .doc or PDF)

Resources for Data for Action lesson (in .docx or PDF)

Worksheet about using Let’s Get Healthy! fair data (in .docx or PDF)

Worksheet about Personal Energy Balance Log (in .docx or PDF)