Our Advisory Boards

Executive Advisory Board

Our executive advisory board guides the strategic direction of Let’s Get Healthy!, including areas for focus and growth.

  • Steven Shea, PhD – Director, Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology, OHSU
  • Thayne Balzer – Assistant Superintendent, retired, West Linn Wilsonville School District
  • Jonathan Purnell, MD – Associate Professor, Endocrinology, OHSU
  • Robert Schuff, MS – Director, OCTRI Biomedical Informatics Program, OHSU
  • Thomas Becker, MD, PhD – Chair, Department of Public Health & Preventive Medicine, OHSU
  • Rick Deyo, MD – Professor, Family Medicine, OHSU

Event Selection Committee

Our event selection committee reviews incoming applications and matches requests that best meet the goals of the program with available funding sources. This group meets three times a year.

  • Dede Montgomery, CIS – OHSU Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology
  • Lisa Domenico, MBA – OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
  • Melinda Davis, Ph.D. – OHSU Family Medicine
  • Bob Applegate, OHSU – Strategic Outreach
  • Lisa Marriott, PhDLet’s Get Healthy! associate director
  • Paige Farris, MSWLet’s Get Healthy! program administrator

Teacher Review Board

Our teacher review board vets classroom lessons and materials related to Let’s Get Healthy! and guides us on ways to help teachers meet Oregon and national state standards in education.

  • Alison Charbonneau (St Helens Middle School; St. Helens, OR) – Science and Math
  • Courtney Ferrari (Valley Catholic School, Beaverton, OR) – Social Science
  • Kristin Allan (Lake Oswego Junior High, Lake Oswego, OR) – Language arts

Parent Advisory Group

We have parent advisory groups around the state who advise us on our materials and procedures related to our exhibit and associated studies. Whenever we start a new school-based study in an area, we assemble a local parent advisory group (typically 5-10 parents) who help us navigate local issues, guide us on best practices in their school, and help to ensure that parents and teachers are well-informed about the event or study.

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